When I was designing my bench, I focused on where, who, and why. Where would it go, who would be using it and why would they be using it? 
Originally I wanted to create an installation using light to serve a purpose and effect people. However, I realized that people focus more on the function and utility of the object to achieve their goals. I converged my thinking to focus on the setting and function of the object and how light could aid the design instead of being the focus of it.
Ideation Sketching
Focused on using light in a functional way while effecting the user.
Idea of immersing a person in light to effect their mentality. Lacking in function or widespread usability.
Converging Ideation
Idea of incorporating light into more functional object
Converged on functional bench design that would be placed in a public area.
Final Prototype
After observing how people use public benches either in halls or open areas, I focused on what the bench needed to afford the user. I designed the final to be a quick rest stop between activities. The proportions of the bench allow people to stop and check their bag, tie their shoe, or sit with a friend. The light acts as a highlight and guide for the user, as well as an interesting light source.
Fabrication Documentation
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