Closed Toe Running Sandal
Created as my final project for my summer internship with KEEN Footwear. 
I was challenged with creating a conceptual shoe design for a trail runner in the future.
Setting | Context | Story

Mental health is one of the biggest emerging problems in the modern world. According to the NCBI, by the year 2050 over 46 million adults in the US alone will have a diagnosable depressive disorder. This problem will only increase as overpopulation, urbanization, and pollution create harsher, more stressful living conditions. Despite the growing problem, treatments and healthy living practices are becoming more prevalent.
Forest Bathing or Nature Therapy is a growing practice that involves exercising while being surrounded by nature. It's been associated with many mental and physical benefits like lower blood pressure, respiratory, and decreased levels of stress and anxiety.

When trail running and forest bathing become popular therapeutic practices...
How might we design a shoe to enhance the trail running experience?
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