Focused on ergonomics,  use scenarios, storage, action & motion of peeling.
Ideation Sketching
Focused on relationship of hand to handle, signifiers of where to put fingers, and position of blade. Study of affordances, signifiers and mappings to help with understandability. Based off of experimentation with existing peelers and discussion about what works and what doesn't. 
Plaster Model
Created plaster handle using hand grip as a mold. Helped identify placement of fingers and palm on grip and understanding of ergonomics. 
Rendered Iteration
Focused on large satisfying grip and signifiers of where to place thumb and index finger.
Final Iteration
Focused on dexterity by emphasizing bulge in handle where thumb and index finger are placed. This allows the user to make quick wrist motions more easily. Also incorporated curve into handle which points in the direction of the cut, this is an example of a mapping.
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