North Star:
Adaptable gear built for the vibrant city streets to the serene rural trails, keeping breathability, durability, and personalization in mind.
Consumer Profile:
Let us  introduce…. Makai Hernandez

Makai is an old soul with a rebel spirt. Raised in a multigenerational home in Atlanta's Little Five Points, an eclectic offbeat neighborhood full of vintage shops and galleries.​​​​​​
- Helping his father down at their local vinyl store & cafe.
- Expressing himself through music which reminds him of his grandfather who opened the store and taught him to play the trumpet.
- Experimenting with remixing and personalizing clothes that he shares with his younger sibling Mercedes, who identifies as genderqueer.
- Learning as a student at Clark Atlanta where he majors in mass media & arts.
Heritage, Family, and Community:
- Admires and honors his grandmothers resilience and role in the families journey from Cuba.
- Eager to put others before himself and has grown to become a voice for change marching and canvasing for BLM and SOS Cuba.
- Leads a run group that raises funds for community needs and pandemic support. 
Our hero color story focuses on the bold reds and rich golds that represent the exuberance of the ATL music scene.
Celebrating the immense cultural heritage and history of music in Atlanta, from Jazz and Blues to Trap and Hip Hop, music solidifies Atlanta's role as the southern tastemaker.
Makai also has a strong tie to music through his grandfather who taught him to play the trumpet.
Footwear Design
I was tasked to investigate Makai's routine and create a running shoe for a scenario in his life. 
The team focused on his goal of competing in the Arbor Day 10k race.
My design focuses on his training regiment of trail running at 
Stone Mountain. 
Final Design
FINAL Render
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