Documentation of our multidisciplinary semester long project. Project focused on using human-centered design techniques to research target users, design an entrepreneurial product, and create a business & manufacturing plan.
Prompt: Design a product to enable a person with only one available hand to perform a routine daily life task.
Patrick Nair - Designer
Ella Rocker - Designer
Devan Ghandi - MBA
Pansy Siyu Jia - School of Information
IPD Trade Show
Design Reviews:
Presented various stages of the project to a panel of judges including, professional designers, sales, managers, and professors. These reviews are meant to offer advice to students as they go through the process of designing their project.
Initial Ideation & Sketching
Initial Prototypes
2nd Prototypes
1st High Fidelity Model
3rd Prototypes
Functional Prototypes
Final Model
Processes Used: CNC Machine, 3D Printer, Injection Mold, Silicon Rubber Mold, Laser Cutter, Rhino 3D, 
Concept Testing, Co-Joint Analysis, Cost-Benefit Plan, Trade Show Demonstration
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